Statement of Fees and Charges

Kindergarten Per-Capita Funding

Baxter Pre School Incorporated Trading As Baxter Kindergarten and Children's Centre receives a Department of Education and Training (DET) per-capita grant for each four year old child enrolled at the service.

In 2021, an extra funding grant has been applied to 4 Year Old and 3 Year Old programs. This is allowing for free Kinder for both 4 Year Old and 3 Year Old Kinder in 2021.

This funding can only be claimed by one service.

If your child attends another centre (for example, a long-day care centre), they should be advised that funding has already been claimed by Baxter Pre School Inc.

DET are now monitoring this and funding claimed by more than one centre will be required to be reimbursed and families will be liable for this amount.

As the explorers program is not eligible for the additional funding, the fees below will apply.

Explorers Activity Group Program Due Date:
Enrolment Fee - $110.00
Term 1 20th January 2021
Term 2 13th April 2021
Term 3 20th July 2021
Term 4 28th September 2021
Explorers is charged for full sessions, paid by the term (in advance).
$9.50 per hour, each session paid in full.
Please note that casual attendance in Explorers will be charged at $10.50 per hour, payable for the full session, upon attendance.

Fees will be invoiced based on the length of each term, public holidays etc.
Monthly payment options are available by request-please contact our Office Administrator.

Payment of fees

Invoices in line with the chosen fee schedule (quarterly or monthly) will be issued following completion of enrolment. Each invoice must be paid in full by the due date by one of the following metnods:

  1. EFTPOS on site at Baxter Kindergarten or over phone with our Office Administrator.
  2. Direct deposit to the following account:

Account Name: Baxter Kindergarten and Children's Centre
BSB: 063-182
Account Number: 1150-2182

Please ensure you use a reference of the Invoice number or child's name.

Should you require payment intervals that differ from those set out above, please contact our Office Administrator directly at the centre to arrange a suitable payment plan. The Privacy and Confidentiality Policy of the service will be complied with at all times in relation to a family's financial/personal circumstances.